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Our Mission: Deliver quality design and management services to meet our clients' needs at the financial and time commitments they can afford.

We all live a busy life with increasing demands on our time - time for family, work, and the community and if at all possible some time for ourselves. Renovating a house or building a new one are complex tasks which require specialized expertise and significant time commitments. Concluding such a project with quality results in a timely manner is not simple.

If you would like to renovate your house or office, build a new house, or develop a new multi-dwelling property, RNGT Services can assist you. RNGT Services will work with you and for you. Our services include working with and for our clients to:
  • Brief Development: identify and prioritize the needs, requirements, and constraints.
  • Concept Design: produce concept design options and select the most suitable.
  • Detailed Design: produce a detailed design that satisfies the client's brief and preferences. 
  • Permits and approvals: coordinate and mange the process of obtaining all necessary permits and approvals, including interaction with other experts and consultants, such as surveyors and engineers.
  • Monitoring and coordination: monitor and supervise the construction of the agreed design.

RNGT Services reduces the risk and provides the support to its clients  which gives them a peace of mind. It delivers design and management solutions that meet client requirements within the financial and time commitments they can afford.

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